Born in 1986 in Pordenone, Italy, Giulio Frausin started playing guitar at the age of 8.

Already member of Mellow Mood, one of the bands which are leading Europe’s reggae scene, Giulio’s side-project The Sleeping Tree aims at expressing his innermost musical experience, inspired by acoustic folk and fingerpicking. The Sleeping Tree debuted in 2008 with an album entitled Leaves and Roots, published by German netlabel, which scored more than 25,000 downloads. In November 2011, after collaborating with Italian artists like Abitare and Jambassa, he was asked by Megaphone record, an Italian independent label, to take part in a compilation with an unreleased song and feature songwriter Jackeyed on a limited edition split audio cassette. The Sleeping Tree soon afterwards published a self-produced EP, entitled Stories. His honest, simple, touching shows had him touring the whole country, often opening for international acts like Kaki King, Of Monsters And Men, Daughter. His latest record, Painless, full-length album produced by Paolo Baldini (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Africa Unite, Mellow Mood) and released on November 5th 2013, was published by Italy’s most important independent label, La Tempesta International.



The Sleeping Tree (al secolo Giulio Frausin) nasce nel 1986 a Pordenone. Già bassista dei Mellow Mood, una tra le giovani band italiane dal più ampio respiro internazionale, con questo progetto Giulio da voce ad un suo percorso musicale più intimo, ispirato al fingerpicking ed al folk americano. The Sleeping Tree debutta nel 2008 con un album, intitolato Leaves and Roots che totalizza in breve tempo più di 25.000 download.  Nel novembre 2011, dopo alcune collaborazioni con artisti italiani come Abitare e Jambassa, pubblica un nuovo EP, “Stories”, disponibile sul sito dell’artista. I suoi concerti, semplici, onesti, emozionanti, lo hanno portato in questi anni in tutta Italia, anche di spalla ad artisti internazionali come Kaki King, Of Monsters and Men, Daughter. Con Painless, full-length album prodotto da Paolo Baldini (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Africa Unite, Mellow Mood) e in uscita a novembre 2013, entra a far parte della scuderia de La Tempesta International.